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  • New Product Opportunities: Beyond the Usual Suspects
  • The Winner's Circle: Good Things Happening to Independents
  • Secrets of Success: Wrigley's Office Supply
  • Exclusive: 2017 S.P. Richards ABC Preview

Plus, Marisa Pensa on turning cold calls into warm calls; Troy Harrison on effective prospecting; Janet Collins on competing on price; Krista Moore on managing inside sales, and more. Also, discover the reasons why your local government shouldn’t buy from Amazon, courtesy of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR). [DOWNLOAD]

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There's never been a better time to be an independent office products or furniture dealer than today. They're stronger than ever, more professional and more disciplined. They're closer to their customers and open to selling them new and innovative products. And they're able to turn on a dime and respond quickly to new growth opportunities and challenges.

In our book, that's something to celebrate and that's just what we do in INDEPENDENT DEALER. Every month, we bring you in-depth coverage of dealer success stories and growth opportunities...from emerging product categories, hot new vertical markets and ways to boost productivity and efficiency. Plus, you'll find regular columns from industry consultants Krista Moore and Tom Buxton, sales training expert Troy Harrison and NOPA/OFDA government affairs director Paul Miller.

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