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  • New Product Opportunities: Beyond the Usual Suspects
  • The Winner's Circle: Good Things Happening to Independents
  • Secrets of Success: Wrigley's Office Supply
  • Exclusive: 2017 S.P. Richards ABC Preview

Plus, Marisa Pensa on turning cold calls into warm calls; Troy Harrison on effective prospecting; Janet Collins on competing on price; Krista Moore on managing inside sales, and more. Also, discover the reasons why your local government shouldn’t buy from Amazon, courtesy of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR). [DOWNLOAD]

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ID 2017 Editorial Calendar


- Outlook 2017: Opportunities and Threats


- Selling Safety Products


- Annual Technology Update


- Finding/Developing Sales Superstars


- Growing Your Furniture Business

- NeoCon Preview


- The Changing Dealer Product Mix

- SP Richards ABC Conference preview


- Digital Marketing That Works


- Jan-San Update


- New Vertical Marketing Opps


- Navigating the New Competitive Landscape


- Managing Margins

- Essendant 2018 Marketing Programs Preview


- New Business Development

- S.P. Richards 2018 Marketing Programs Preview


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