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  • New Product Opportunities: Beyond the Usual Suspects
  • The Winner's Circle: Good Things Happening to Independents
  • Secrets of Success: Wrigley's Office Supply
  • Exclusive: 2017 S.P. Richards ABC Preview

Plus, Marisa Pensa on turning cold calls into warm calls; Troy Harrison on effective prospecting; Janet Collins on competing on price; Krista Moore on managing inside sales, and more. Also, discover the reasons why your local government shouldn’t buy from Amazon, courtesy of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR). [DOWNLOAD]

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2017 Calendar of Events

Feb. 6-9: Essendant, Las Vegas
Feb. 27-28: City of Hope Tour and Hall of Fame Dinner, Duarte and Pasadena, CA

March 1-2: Avery Golf Outing for City of Hope, Irvine, CA
March 9: Quality Park Janet Pederson Memorial Curling for the Cure for City of Hope, St. Paul, MN
March 12-16: Kinetic 2017, combined meeting of AOPDDPCG and TriMega DSC, Cedar Creek, TX
March 15-17: EDExpo, Las Vegas
March 23-24: S.P. Richards Co. Heritage of Hope Golf Outing for City of Hope & Vendor Summit, Orlando, FL

April 2-5: WorkPlace Furnishings Annual Conference, San Antonio
April 2-5: Office Partners City of Hope Fishing Tournament, Livingston, AL
April 18-20: ITEX National Conference & Expo, Las Vegas

May 15-16: Bob Parker Memorial Golf Outing for City of Hope, Kiawah Island, SC
May 16-17: NOPA Small Business Advocacy Fly-In, Washington, DC

June 12-14: NeoCon, Chicago
June 21-22: HON Golf Outing for City of Hope & President’s Roundtable, Muscatine, IA
June 26: The Office City & The Godfrey Group Golf Outing for City of Hope, San Fransisco, CA

July 12-16: S.P. Richards Co. ABC Conference, Orlando
July 20: Frey Gaede & Co. Golf Outing for City of Hope, French Lick, IN
July 30: GOJO Golf Outing for City of Hope, Lake Forest, IL

August 7: ACCO Brands Golf Outing for City of Hope, Lake Forest, IL
August 14: Smead Manufacturing Golf Outing for City of Hope, Stillwater, MN

September 6-7: BSA Annual Forum, Austin, TX
September 10-12: EPIC 2017, Independent Stationers/TriMega Convention, Las Vegas
September 11: Georgia Pacific Golf Outing for City of Hope, Marietta, GA
September 18: Fellowes Golf Outing for City of Hope, Chicago, IL

October 4: Howard Wolf Golf Classic for City of Hope, Wheaton, IL
October 5: City of Hope Spirit of Life Gala, Chicago, IL
October 22-24: Office Partners Annual Meeting, West Palm Beach, FL
October 25-27: EdSpaces, Kansas City, MO

November 15-16: NeoCon East, Philadelphia



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