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  • Cover Story: Furniture Focus: Make sure your furniture efforts are primed and ready to go
  • The Winner’s Circle: Good Things Happening to Independents
  • Secrets of Success: OPACS, Mesa, Arizona

Plus, Industry news; NOPA updates; TJ Crayne on using EPIContent and Etilize to enrich your online offer; NeoCon seminar program preview; Marisa Pensa on the hunt for H.E.R.B; Troy Harrison talks about the four decisions every buyer makes; and more.

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THE CONCEPT: There's never been a better time to be an independent dealer.

Today's independents are stronger than ever. They're more professional and more disciplined. They're closer to their customers and open to selling them new and innovative products and solutions. And they're able to turn on a dime and respond quickly to new growth opportunities and challenges. This Independent Dealer e-zine, published by leading trade media organization OPI, celebrates the successes of today's independents and their trading partners and turns the spotlight on opportunities to make them even stronger and more profitable.

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THE AUDIENCE: The U.S. independent office products dealer community, including the leading dealer group members, wholesaler customers and dealer systems house users. Plus, as an advertiser, we will be happy to include your customer and prospect base to make sure your message reaches your own desired audience.

THE PITCH: The revival of the independent dealer is a terrific story and now there's a publication with the mission and the resources to tell it properly. We hope you will join charter advertisers like Avery, Clover Technologies, ECI, Essendant, Georgia-Pacific, S.P. Richards, TriMega Purchasing Association and others, to support the effort and present your own products and services to a key audience in a compelling editorial environment they will read and value.


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