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Safco products are specifically developed to meet the changing needs of the business world, offering real design without the great expense. Designs that help accomplish more, designs that ensure comfort and efficiency, and most importantly, designs for less.

These products offer solid results for people and businesses; people who are different from one another, and businesses that are changing. That's why each product is designed to fit the needs of individuals and the way they work, by enhancing comfort and meeting the modern needs for comfort and organization in the workplace.

Safco is on the job, making it easy to find the exact product solutions customers need for how and where they work so they can thrive in their 9 to 5. We offer healthy workspace solutions so your workspace can always be its best in mind and body, to sustainable products that are good for every environment. Safco also continues to offer new colors, new styles and new solutions according to market trends and the ever-changing needs of business life, from the reception area all the way to the warehouse. By creating products made for how you work, with the look and style your workspace craves, Safco is helping you work hard and play harder.

AlphaBetter® Desk and Stool

Designed for students in grades 3-12, the AlphaBetter® Desk easily adjusts from 26" to 42" high allowing students the choice to stand or sit while in the classroom. Our patented Pendulum™ Footrest Bar allows students to swing their feet, burning excess energy! The AlphaBetter® Stool is the perfect companion when students need a rest. (Patent No. 8291833)

  • Made in the USA


Trifecta® Receptacles

Make it a creation of configuration! Four receptacles, and a multitude of configurations! Trifecta® introduces flexible design to accommodate any workplace setting. The stainless steel lids feature laser cut inscriptions to assist in the identification of recyclables. The unique design allows bags to remain firmly inside the container avoiding any unsightly appearances.
  • Made in the USA

Safco Flat Files

The Safco Flat File is a customizable classic that comes in 20 color options for stylish design, accompanied with quality construction and quiet access. Your Flat File is an office gem with chic lines and chrome hardware. Files are modular, so they can be used individually or in a space-saving stack.

  • Made in the USA

Cava® Urth™

Cava Urth was designed with multiple components made from recycled materials, such as plastic laundry detergent bottles.100% of core components are manufactured from recycled post-consumer and post-industrial materials. Fabric is made from 100% recycled materials (not including vinyl). Additionally, Urth is over 99% recyclable by weight, so its life continues even after the seating experience ends.

  • Made in the USA


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